S3E24 - Kelianne Stankus : Who is she? Professional gymnast??? Tik Tok Journey | Boyfriend Relationship Revealed!

Tyrion and Davos REACT to: Red Wedding!

Chapters: ASOS Tyrion VI, Davos V

Outro music: bollywood apologetics by black wing

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S3E23 - Wedding Special

This is the red wedding episode! Would be a shame if we talked about "lewd anime" instead

The recipe of the week is: toad in the hole

listen to ghostflea

Chapters: ASOS Arya X, Catelyn VI, Arya XI

Outro music: Alanis Morissette - Ironic

S3E22 - Funny Episode 69: Queering Heterosexuality by Fucking Your Sister

Haha! It's our 69th episode! It's the funniest number! Let's all join together and celebrate this occasion with two chapters that will certainly be appropriate for this!

Chapters: ASOS Jon VI, Catelyn VI

Outro music: Peter Gabriel - Red Rain

S3E21 - I'm Just a Little Baby Man and It's My Birthday

Sam dreams about titties and meets a new type of guy. Arya and Sandor head towards a wedding. We learn to cook.

Chapters: ASOS Samwell III, Arya IX

Outro music: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Dreams

S3E20 - Dog Slurs

Jaime has a dream, Catelyn experiences Evil Rain, and we learn what a "factkin" is.

Chapters: ASOS Jaime VI, Catelyn V

S3E19 - Computer, Show Me Pictures of Barrels

Time to meet a very special boy!

Chapters: ASOS Daenerys IV, Arya VIII

Outro music: Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up

S3E18 - The Joke of Jojen (Racist)

Every day people keep asking us: when can I get my fingers in the book? If you're one of those people, we finally have the answer for you!

Chapters: ASOS Bran III, Jon V

Outro music: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Billabong Valley

S3E17 - Dilfication Beam

amoung tyrion

Chapters: ASOS Tyrion V, Arya VII

Outro music: Friar Tuck by These Old Bones

S3E16 - Robert's Van

Jaime bath chapter

This episode contains ASMR.

Chapters: ASOS Davos IV, Jaime V

Outro music: Willie Nelson - On the Road Again

S3E15 - Tyrion's Egg

So you know Fabergé eggs? They're making a Game of Thrones one, but hear me out: what if they put Tyrion in one? What if you bought the Fabergé egg and you opened it up and Tyrion was inside? What if there was an egg with Tyrion in it, but it was also on the moon? But moon is also egg? What if you cracked open an egg and there was three Tyrions in it, but you're also on the moon, so the egg is actually the moon inside a Fabergé egg and the Tyrions represent the types of magic and - hold on, someone is handing me a note that says we don't even have a Tyrion chapter this week.

Chapters: ASOS Arya VI, Catelyn IV

Outro music: Gwyn Lord of Cinder - Dark Souls OST

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