S2E24 - A Ship Named Destiel

Have you heard of this little TV show called Supernatural? Pretty wild what they did with Destiel huh. We're the only people on the internet who will talk about it. We also talk the other, more literal kind of ship. George went kinda nutty with them in these chapters.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Sansa V, Davos III, Tyrion XIII

Outro music: The Ship Song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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S2E23 - Kinkslayer

He's here - he's greasy and stinky, but he's still the most beautiful man you've ever seen.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Catelyn VII, Theon V

Outro music: 'All My Friends Are Far Away From Me' and 'Buzzing, Cold in the Ears' by Couches

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S2E22 - A Song of Feet and Toes

For the first time ever, a podcast is brave enough to look at wikifeet. We also talk about Sansa's first period, Jon's first wolf dream, and a really rough Tyrion chapter.

Content warnings for discussion of sexual assault during the Tyrion chapter.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Sansa IV, Jon VII, Tyrion XII

Outro music: Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

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S2E21 - The Nutsack of Westeros

Last week we might have flown too close to the sun. Now we have to reckon with the fallout. You too can help us to #MakeHerUnderstand!

Chapters discussed: ACOK: Theon IV, Jon VI

Spoiler music: Bergamont by MF Doom [Metal Fingers] Outro music: Heavy Pop by WU LYF

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S2E20 - #AzorAhaiIsEvil #MakeHerUnderstand

Emmanuel is gone for a week. The news segment gets out of control. We GOTTA make her understand!

Chapters discussed: ACOK Daenerys IV (aka House of the Undying), Tyrion XI

Outro music: Beware False Prophets by Pure Mothman

S2E19 - If I Kill a Schoolbus

Two chapters, two castles changing ownership and two football teams losing. This episode was sponsored by Sultán Estambul, your new favorite Turkish restaurant in Spain.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Bran VI, Arya IX

Spoiler music: Harmonica and recorder medley by Kay and Chaz Outro music: Nothing Seems the Same by Heartless Bastards

S2E18 - Crazy Axe Boyfriends

We found the person responsible for all wars and it's not who you think it is!

Chapters discussed: Jon V, Tyrion X, Catelyn VI

Outro music: Best Day Ever - Spongebob Squarepants

S2E17 - I Wish Every Man in My Service Was Your Dad

Stannis and Davos are boyfriends and Mel gives birth in a regular way. Let 👏 George 👏 build 👏 a castle!

Chapters discussed: ACOK Tyrion IX, Davos II

Spoiler music: A Candle's Fire by Beirut Outro music: Santa Fe by Beirut

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S2E16 - Por un harpón del Rey de la Noche

¡Bienvenidos de nuevo a otro episodio de "Una canción de bebés y cachorros"! Esta semana, jugamos un nuevo juego basado en el segmento de noticias, y disfrutamos de unas agradables vacaciones lejos de Tyrion, Brienne haciendo un amigo y Edmure haciendo una genial estrategia de guerra.

Capítulos discutidos: ACOK Arya VIII, Catelyn V, Daenerys III

Música Spoiler: "Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros" por Flight of the conchords Música Outro: "Wuthering Heights" por Kate Bush

S2E15 - The Creature From the News Lagoon

Another Tyrion chapter? What is this, A Clash of Kings (1998)?

Chapters discussed: ACOK Bran V, Tyrion VIII, Theon III

Spoiler music: New Beat by Toro y Moi Outro music: Madder Red by Yeasayer

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