S2E29 - Kings Be Clashing

Episode Notes

Semper Clashing.

Chapters: ACOK Bran VII

Spoiler music: Toss by Whirr Outro music: Wait by Whirr

S2E28 - Pod Save Tyrion

Episode Notes

We are SO CLOSE to being done with Clash, but there's one last Tyrion chapter to talk about.

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Chapters: ACOK Tyrion XV, Jon VIII

Outro music: Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

S2E27 - Jokerlicious, Baby!

Episode Notes

We enter the dark chapter of our journey to #MakeHerUnderstand. Then, we're coming in with some HOT TAKES about Sansa and Theon's last Clash chapters. Why so sadface?

Chapters: ACOK Sansa VIII, Theon VI

Outro music: Just by Radiohead

S2E26 - Edmund Tully From the Top Rope

Episode Notes

Edmund Tully. King Doran. Mereen. Mae is testing our patience with this one. We also talk about Dany and Arya's last chapters. Which of them had an arc in this book? Tune in to find out.

Chapters: ACOK Daenerys V, Arya X

Outro music: Forces by Susumu Hirasawa

S2E25 - Issuing a Clown Challenge

Blackwater part 2 - Renly pulls an upset, we learn about foils and apply some serious literary analysis for the first time after 40 episodes of book podcast.

Chapters: ACOK Sansa VI, Tyrion XIV, Sansa VII

Outro music: Warped by Best Witches

S2E24 - A Ship Named Destiel

Have you heard of this little TV show called Supernatural? Pretty wild what they did with Destiel huh. We're the only people on the internet who will talk about it. We also talk the other, more literal kind of ship. George went kinda nutty with them in these chapters.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Sansa V, Davos III, Tyrion XIII

Outro music: The Ship Song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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S2E23 - Kinkslayer

He's here - he's greasy and stinky, but he's still the most beautiful man you've ever seen.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Catelyn VII, Theon V

Outro music: 'All My Friends Are Far Away From Me' and 'Buzzing, Cold in the Ears' by Couches

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S2E22 - A Song of Feet and Toes

For the first time ever, a podcast is brave enough to look at wikifeet. We also talk about Sansa's first period, Jon's first wolf dream, and a really rough Tyrion chapter.

Content warnings for discussion of sexual assault during the Tyrion chapter.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Sansa IV, Jon VII, Tyrion XII

Outro music: Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

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S2E21 - The Nutsack of Westeros

Last week we might have flown too close to the sun. Now we have to reckon with the fallout. You too can help us to #MakeHerUnderstand!

Chapters discussed: ACOK: Theon IV, Jon VI

Spoiler music: Bergamont by MF Doom [Metal Fingers] Outro music: Heavy Pop by WU LYF

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S2E20 - #AzorAhaiIsEvil #MakeHerUnderstand

Emmanuel is gone for a week. The news segment gets out of control. We GOTTA make her understand!

Chapters discussed: ACOK Daenerys IV (aka House of the Undying), Tyrion XI

Outro music: Beware False Prophets by Pure Mothman

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