S4E2 - I Would Fuck All Women

The woman respecters have logged on.

Chapters: AFFC: The Captain of the Guards, Cersei I

Outro music: Maria by Scooter

S4E1 - George Invented Feet

We are kicking off A Feast for Crows season the only way we can: by talking about feet.

Chapters: AFFC Prologue, The Prophet

Outro music: Feet Don't Fail Me Now by Joy Crooks

S3E37 - Entering a New Phase

The third book in the series was the longest book of the series.

Chapters: ASOS Sansa VII, Epilogue

Outro music: Tom Waits - Dead and Lovely

S3E36 - It's Me to Me

We're getting a little twisted with this one. Sam steals an election while Jon has gay thoughts.

Chapters: ASOS Samwell V, Jon XII

Outro music: Belle and Sebastian - Wrapped Up in Books

S3E35 - She Slurp on My Yoshi! Wahoo!

One of the POVs this week gains a new dad, the other kills one. Equivalent exchange.

Chapters: ASOS Jon XI, Tyrion XI

Outro music: Winter's House by Giles Corey

S3E34 - New Cowboy: Cole Cassidy

New cowboy dropped.

Chapters: ASOS Arya VIII, Samwell IV

Outro music: Let's All Help the Cowboys (Sing the Blues) by Waylon Jennings

S3E33 - BrieNFT

We are very excited to announce that ASOBAP is jumping on the hype: we are selling you JPEGs of Brienne for ten million dollars worth of fake crypto money each! This is not a scam! Other suggested talking points: a sword to kill Sansa, how fun it is to use hot wax, getting a castle where 9/11 happened, fisting a horn and the dichotomy between being horny and being normal.

Chapters: ASOS Jaime IX, Jon X

Outro music: Fiend in Wien by World/Inferno Friendship Society

S3E32 - We're Not Afraid of Geodude

Geodude is NOT scary he's just weird! Other discussion points include: what if snakes had arms, pointing and laughing at Jorah one last time and, idk, some fight between Gregor and Oberyn I guess? Yeah, nothing important happens in these chapters.

Chapters: ASOS Tyrion X, Daenerys VI

Outro music: Matt Elliott - Guidance is Internal

S3E31 - Shansha

What's the most fucked up way you can eat fruit?

Chapters: ASOS Sansa VI, Jon IX

Outro music: The Wiggles - Fruit Salad

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