S3E11 - Hot Squirrel Summer

You know, the one where Jon does the thing.

Chapters: ASOS Bran II, Davos III, Jon III

Outro music: Holy River - Courage

S3E10 - Naruto Is Real and He Fucked My Wife

I hope you like racism, because George put a lot of it in this one!

Chapters: ASOS Arya IV, Daenerys II

Outro music: They Might Be Giants - Your Racist Friend

S3E9 - Beach Episode

One day, all of your hosts will go on the beach together. It will be fun, barely plot relevant, and full of uncomfortable comedy horniness. But this is not our beach episode, no. This is just a tribute.

Chapters: ASOS Catelyn III, Jaime III Outro music: home with you by FKA twigs

S3E8 - Wight Wedding

This is how Cersei wins.

Chapters: ASOS Samwell I, Tyrion III

Outro music: Spraynard - Spooky, Scary

S3E7 - I Have No Dick and I Must Piss

It's time to answer the most important question: Which Monster Would You Fuck?

Chapters: ASOS Jon II, Sansa II, Arya III

Outro music: Bobby "Boris" Pickett - Monster Mash

S3E6 - In the Middle of My Wife

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to fan favorite character Utherydes Wayn, may you bang your staff wherever you are.

Chapters: ASOS Arya II, Catelyn II

Outro music: Stormzy - Crown

S3E5 - Crank It With Your Ass

One weird trick to improve Tyrion chapters.

Chapters: ASOS Jaime II, Tyrion II

Outro music: MGMT - When You Die


Maybe it's time for Jorah to die for real.

Chapters: ASOS Daenerys I, Bran I, Davos II

Outro music: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me (8 bit cover)

S3E3 - Ser Big of House Chungus

Episode Notes

Wow it's our 50th episode, as well as the one year anniversary of our podcast, two events which we totally remembered! Maybe the real news segment was the cohosts we tricked along the way.

Chapters: ASOS Davos I, Sansa I, Jon I

Outro music: Karliene - The Bear and the Maiden Fair

S3E2 - Super Tall Wife Mood

Episode Notes

Look, sometimes you find an AI tweet generator right before recording a podcast and it derails everything. We're not upset if you don't listen to this one.

Chapters: ASOS Catelyn I, Arya I, Tyrion I Outro music: Grimes - Kill V. Maim

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