S2E21 - The Nutsack of Westeros

Last week we might have flown too close to the sun. Now we have to reckon with the fallout. You too can help us to #MakeHerUnderstand!

Chapters discussed: ACOK: Theon IV, Jon VI

Spoiler music: Bergamont by MF Doom [Metal Fingers] Outro music: Heavy Pop by WU LYF

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S2E20 - #AzorAhaiIsEvil #MakeHerUnderstand

Emmanuel is gone for a week. The news segment gets out of control. We GOTTA make her understand!

Chapters discussed: ACOK Daenerys IV (aka House of the Undying), Tyrion XI

Outro music: Beware False Prophets by Pure Mothman

S2E19 - If I Kill a Schoolbus

Two chapters, two castles changing ownership and two football teams losing. This episode was sponsored by Sultán Estambul, your new favorite Turkish restaurant in Spain.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Bran VI, Arya IX

Spoiler music: Harmonica and recorder medley by Kay and Chaz Outro music: Nothing Seems the Same by Heartless Bastards

S2E18 - Crazy Axe Boyfriends

We found the person responsible for all wars and it's not who you think it is!

Chapters discussed: Jon V, Tyrion X, Catelyn VI

Outro music: Best Day Ever - Spongebob Squarepants

S2E17 - I Wish Every Man in My Service Was Your Dad

Stannis and Davos are boyfriends and Mel gives birth in a regular way. Let 👏 George 👏 build 👏 a castle!

Chapters discussed: ACOK Tyrion IX, Davos II

Spoiler music: A Candle's Fire by Beirut Outro music: Santa Fe by Beirut

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S2E16 - Por un harpón del Rey de la Noche

¡Bienvenidos de nuevo a otro episodio de "Una canción de bebés y cachorros"! Esta semana, jugamos un nuevo juego basado en el segmento de noticias, y disfrutamos de unas agradables vacaciones lejos de Tyrion, Brienne haciendo un amigo y Edmure haciendo una genial estrategia de guerra.

Capítulos discutidos: ACOK Arya VIII, Catelyn V, Daenerys III

Música Spoiler: "Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros" por Flight of the conchords Música Outro: "Wuthering Heights" por Kate Bush

S2E15 - The Creature From the News Lagoon

Another Tyrion chapter? What is this, A Clash of Kings (1998)?

Chapters discussed: ACOK Bran V, Tyrion VIII, Theon III

Spoiler music: New Beat by Toro y Moi Outro music: Madder Red by Yeasayer

S2E14 - Two MILFs Stand Before You

Renly's fine don't worry about it

Chapters discussed: ACOK Catelyn IV, John IV

Outro music: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

S2E13 - Peach Time

We did it Reddit! We finally talk about Renly's peach.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Catelyn III, Sansa III

Spoiler music: Uni Mode by Alva Noto Outro music: Olsen Olsen by Sigur Rós

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S2E12 - Wet Ass Beard

Tyrion is cool and epic and he likes to fuck.

Chapters discussed: ACOK Bran IV, Tyrion VII, Arya VII

Spoiler music: WAP (regular version) Outro music: The Moon by The Microphones

You can look at the good fanart of Tyrion and Shae that we discuss for a bit here

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