S3E15 - Tyrion's Egg

7 months ago

So you know Fabergé eggs? They're making a Game of Thrones one, but hear me out: what if they put Tyrion in one? What if you bought the Fabergé egg and you opened it up and Tyrion was inside? What if there was an egg with Tyrion in it, but it was also on the moon? But moon is also egg? What if you cracked open an egg and there was three Tyrions in it, but you're also on the moon, so the egg is actually the moon inside a Fabergé egg and the Tyrions represent the types of magic and - hold on, someone is handing me a note that says we don't even have a Tyrion chapter this week.

Chapters: ASOS Arya VI, Catelyn IV

Outro music: Gwyn Lord of Cinder - Dark Souls OST

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